Pharm’ACM heat exchangers for pharmaceutical process water production and distribution systems

Our Pharm’ACM range of heat exchangers is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

This range of heat exchangers comprises DTS (Double Tube Sheet) exchangers, as defined in the ASME BPE.

The specific design of the Pharm’ACM exchangers prevents contamination or the development of bacteria in process water production and distribution systems.

  • The design prevents process fluids from being mixed with utility fluids, through the use of double tube sheets
  • The design has no retention area
  • Surface finishes are inspected on the process side. Roughness varies between 0.8 µm and 0.4 µm.
  • The process fluid condition is always turbulent
  • The tubes are weldless tubes
  • The tubes are welded onto external tube sheets
  • The exchangers are designed for service applications and thermal decontamination applications.
  • The operating pressure on the process side is greater than that on the utilities side
  • Seals in contact with the process are removable and easy to clean. They are certified FDA and USP Cat. VI
  • Straight tube exchangers are preferred to U-shape tube exchangers
  • Each unit is constructed in compliance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/UE

Pharm’ACM exchangers are individually designed by our thermal engineers for each application, to meet the thermal and hydraulic requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, Feel free to contact our engineers and benefit from their long experience of pharmaceutical system thermal design

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